When Does a Bichon Frise’s Hair Go Curly?

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When Does a Bichon Frise’s Hair Go Curly?Bichons frises are appreciated for their fluffy, curly coat that makes them look like cotton candy. With deep, black eyes and a loving personality, this is one of the most adorable breeds in the dog world. If you have a bichon puppy and you are wondering when the hair will go curly, you are in the right place.

Below, we will discuss when this should happen, how to find out if your bichon’s coat will be curly or remain straight, and how you can style it.

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When Does a Bichon Frise’s Hair Go Curly?

A puppy’s coat is very different compared to a mature dog’s coat. In general, your bichon puppy may start to get its curly hair at around one year old. It will take approximately two years to fully develop the “adult” coat.

However, not all bichon puppies grow curly coats. In some cases, the coarser hair growing will make the coat curlier; in other cases, the puppy coat may be curlier than the adult coat. When your puppy’s coat is changing, it’s very important to regularly brush and groom it to avoid matting and tangles, which can be extremely painful for your pup.

Everyday brushing or even several times per day should be the norm when your puppy is growing. At this point, your pup’s coat may seem rather funny with uneven patches or rough parts as not all the hair will grow at the same rate.

Can Bichons Frises Have Straight Hair?

In general, a curly coat is the hallmark of this breed, but some dogs will also have straight hair. If your bichon frise doesn’t get a curly coat until two to three years old, it is highly unlikely that it will get a curly coat after that.

However, if you bichon frise has straight hair, it doesn’t mean anything bad will happen. If you don’t have any allergy with your puppy, you are not likely to develop any as it matures and keeps a straight coat (or the coat straightens as they age). The lack of curly hair doesn’t mean there’s any problem with your dog or its ancestors. The type of coat can range from curly to wavy or straight, and this is due to genes that can go back several generations.

One of the main benefits of a curly coat is that it is denser, which means that your pup is more protected against the elements than a pup with straight hair. However, you will keep your pooch indoors and away from bad weather, so you don’t need to worry about any side effects.

Also, a benefit of having straight hair is that it is much easier to maintain than a curly coat. Straight hair does not get as matted and tangled as curly hair, so you will have an easier time caring for your bichon.

How to Tell What Your Bichon Frise Puppy’s Coat Will Look Like?

As briefly mentioned, your bichon’s coat will start changing at around one year old and keep changing until three years old. Until then, there is no way of predicting what your bichon frise puppy’s coat will look like.

A good indication, however, may be to check its parents. Genetics is key in this aspect; so, if the previous generations had curly hair, there is a very strong possibility that your puppy will also have a curly coat. Yet, in some cases, despite the bloodline, your pup may still end up with a different type of coat.

At around one year old, new hairs will start growing, so you will be able to tell if they are straight or curly, but you won’t be able to see how the coat will actually look like until it is fully grown at around three years old.

How to Groom Your Bichon Frise to Have Curlier Hair

If you want your bichon frise to have curly hair, there are a few tricks and tips. Grooming, just like caring for our own hair, is extremely important for the final look of the coat.

Natural Drying

If you want your bichon to have curlier hair, you should always let the hair dry naturally. This will make the coat curly and soft. Alternatively, blow-drying the hair will straighten it out and make it seem poofy.


Also, for curlier hair, you should not brush the hair when it is wet as this will straighten it out. However, brushing dry hair can be quite damaging (and painful). As such, if you want a curly coat, it’s best to invest in a high-quality comb with wide teeth to work out the matting without straightening the hair.

Can You Straighten a Bichon Frise’s Hair?

There are a few things you can do to straighten your bichon frise’s hair. Also, there are a few things you should avoid to protect your pup.

Use a Blow Dryer

Bichon Frise Blow Dryer Just like natural drying means curly hair, using a blow dryer will help you straighten the coat. Make sure you use a pet-friendly blo -dryer and, as always, it’s best to invest in high-quality products. The easiest way would be to use a cordless one as it will make it more convenient for you. Also, ensure that you use the lowest setting to avoid hurting your dog.

When drying the hair, put the nozzle close to the skin. Start from the dog’s face and make an “in and out” movement with the drier. If the hair starts to get dry when doing this, the hair will look flat. To make it “puffy”, you can spray a bit of water on each drier area before you dry it. At this point, you can also use the brush in your other hand to work out any matting; this will also straighten and separate the hairs.

Things to avoid

There are a few things you should not do to achieve a straighter coat:

  • Do not use a blow dryer designed for humans; invest in a high-quality product and make sure the heat setting is on low to avoid burning your dog’s skin or hair.
  • A flat iron for your dog may be the quickest and easiest way to straighten the hair; however, keep in mind that a lack of experience or a poor quality flat iron can seriously injure your dog or burn the coat and skin.
  • Do not use gel or any other sticky substances to straighten your dog’s hair. The double coat does not need any extra “help” to attract dirt. Also, hair gel for humans contains harmful chemicals like alcohol, which will dry out your dog’s skin.


In conclusion, there’s no surefire way of knowing if your bichon will have curly or straight hair.

However, based on your preference, you can adjust your bichon frise’s grooming routine to make your pup look in a certain way. However, keep in mind that your bichon’s health is always the most important aspect rather than the physical appearance, so avoid using harmful chemicals or products to achieve the desired look.

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