9 Funniest Bichon Frise Videos

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Funny Bichon Frise VideosWith a fluffy, curly coat, short legs, and plenty of attitude, bichons frises bring happiness in our life. If you want to watch some funny videos with cute bichons frises, check out the sections below. Invite your friends too as you’re in for some serious fun!

This is a curated list of the 9 funniest bichon frise videos, so you will definitely fall in love with these smart pups! If you know of any other videos worth including, make sure to let us know.

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1. Fluffy Head Bichon Plays the Shell Game

If you thought bichons are not witty, check out this video! The owner is playing the shell game with this lovely bichon which is clearly very focused on the cups. If you’re running out of ideas to keep your pup entertained, this may do the trick!

2. When Your Favorite Food Is Chicken!

This owner has two beautiful bichons and a whole YouTube channel with funny videos. Bow is a witty and cute pup in love with chicken! The owner teaches the pup how to press on the remote to dispatch treats, and then hides the remote for the pup to find it inside a hoodie. That’s one smart pup!

3. When the Season Is Finally Here!

Who doesn’t love snow and the festive season? This bichon puppy is more than enjoying the weather – it’s having a blast running around in the snow. This energy and happiness are enough to brighten up any gloomy day!

4. Cute Bichon Frise Doing Tricks

Apart from showing an adorable fluff ball doing tricks, this video is also educational. If you have a bichon or you want to become a bichon owner, watching this video could highly benefit you. The owner shows the pup doing several tricks, including jumping, rolling on the floor, and even walking on two legs.

5. Lovely Bichon Posing for the Camera

Sometimes, bichons don’t need to do anything special to be absolutely heart-warming! This lovely bichon sweeps us off our feet simply by looking at the camera. With a round, fluffy body and short legs, bichons are perhaps one of the most adorable breeds out there! This is proof enough that these toy-sized pups can brighten up any household.

6. Funniest Pups Compilation

Do you know what’s better than a video with a funny bichon? A video with several funny bichons! From a pup enjoying its grooming session to playing bichons and a little puppy enjoying its cuddle time, this video will surely make your day!

7. Fluff Sticking Tongue Out

This video has a few bichons, too – one that is so relaxed that its tongue is hanging out, others caught right in mid-play! Regardless of your favorite, this video is surely fun. Make sure you watch till the end to see something quite unusual!

8. Toy-Sized Pup Receives a Gift

Teacup bichons frises are definitely the most adorable! In this video, a puppy receives an unexpected gift: flowers! One thing is for sure: bichons frises do love to receive lots of attention!

9. Do Dogs Smile?

If you’ve ever wondered if dogs smile, check out this video! Buddy seems to have learned a new trick, which looks like it is smiling – or, is that more of an aggressive baring of their teeth? Regardless, this ball of fluffiness does not seem that threatening anyway, but rather funny!


If you weren’t in love with bichons already, you ought to be now after watching these adorable videos with funny pups! Yet, keep in mind that a bichon frise is not a toy, although you will definitely spend lots of time laughing. Bichons need attention and a loving family, so make sure you are ready for a strong commitment if you want a pet.

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