Havanese Teddy Bear Cut: All You Need to Know

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Havanese Teddy Bear CutIf you are the owner of a Havanese, you probably take pride in its luscious, silky coat. While this breed is known for its high-maintenance hair, the most popular haircut style, the teddy bear cut, is quite easy to achieve and makes your puppy look cuddly and adorable.

Below, we’ll introduce you to everything you should know if you are considering this cut for your Havanese.

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What Is a Teddy Bear Cut for Havanese?

The teddy bear cut is quite a general term. It doesn’t require a specific coat length; instead, it refers to the same-length hair all over the body, except for the facial hair, which is cut in a rounded shape. In most cases, the hair is 1”-2” long all around the body.

Advantages of Havanese Teddy Bear Cut

The Havanese teddy bear cut is practical and easy to maintain. Firstly, you can opt for a 1” trim, which means that the hair is less prone to tangling and matting. The shorter the hair is, the less you need to worry about these issues, which are quite common for these dogs.

Secondly, many pet owners opt for the teddy bear cut because of its adorable look. The rounded, fluffy face is one of the main reasons a pet parent chooses this look.

Thirdly, the teddy bear cut can vary in length, which means it is suitable for both hot summers and colder winters. Put simply, you can give your dog a trim every six weeks or so in summer, and less often in winter, with regular touch-ups around the face.

Fourthly, the teddy bear look is extremely versatile. You can opt for any length you want, as long as the hair is kept the same size all over the pet’s body.

Hence, the Havanese teddy bear cut is easy to maintain, convenient all year long, and customizable, depending on your preferences.

Disadvantages of Havanese Teddy Bear Cut

While the Havanese teddy bear cut is the first choice of many pet owners – Havanese or not – it may not be the best for just about anyone. For instance, this style requires quite frequent retouching, especially around the face, to maintain a round, neat look, and keep the hair away from sensitive areas, like eyes and ears.

If you opt for a longer coat, such as 2”, frequent brushing is still required to avoid tangling, which can be very painful for your pooch.

Perhaps another main disadvantage of the cut is that it’s quite versatile, so there is no specific standard. While this can also be an advantage for some people, when going to a groomer you need to be very clear regarding the shape and length of the coat, as “teddy bear cut” may mean different things to different people.

Finally, the teddy bear cut may not be a suitable choice if you want to trim your pooch at home, by yourself. Achieving a rounded look may take some skill, so inexperienced pet owners should opt for a professional groomer instead.

Is the Teddy Bear Cut Easy to Achieve?

There is no need for elevated skills to achieve the teddy bear cut. This is because the hair length is the same all over the body. However, if you’ve never cut a dog’s hair before, you may want to go to a professional groomer first to get some recommendations, and tips, and learn more about the right tools and techniques. Perhaps the most difficult part is achieving the rounded face – which may take some practice.

How to Groom Your Havanese with a Teddy Bear Cut

Here are some steps if you want to know more about grooming your Havanese with a teddy bear cut:

1. Brush the Coat as Often as Possible

Brushing or combing your dog’s coat should be a priority. The frequency depends on how long the coat is and its texture. A longer, wavy coat is more prone to tangling, while a shorter and straighter coat requires less brushing. When doing so, make sure you focus on areas that may be prone to tangling, such as the belly and around the legs.

2. Check the Eyes and Ears

As the hair is fluffy around the dog’s face, you need to inspect and clean the eye and ear areas as often as necessary. Havanese may be prone to eye or ear infections if not cleaned properly.

In a separate article, we wrote in detail about how to clean a Havanese’s eyes.

3. Touch-Ups

Every few weeks, you may want to shorten the coat as it keeps growing. You can do this at home or by visiting a professional groomer.

4. Bathing & Teeth Brushing

Bathing should be done as often as necessary. In other words, whenever your dog’s coat gets dirty, you should wash it using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner. The Havanese’s skin is very sensitive, so picking the right hygiene products is key to ensuring it stays healthy.

Havanese Teddy Bear Cut Photos

Below are some photos of Havanese dogs sporting a teddy bear cut. Aren’t they cute?!



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Whether you want an easy-to-maintain haircut style, or you want to pick the best haircut style for your Havanese, the teddy bear cut should be high on your shortlist. It’s easy to achieve and maintain, and it is a style that will highlight the cuddly, fluffy look of your Havanese pooch!

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