Havanese Haircut Styles: All You Need to Know

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Havanese Haircut StylesIf you have a Havanese or plan to adopt one, there’s good news: thanks to its coat, you can opt for many haircut styles, depending on your availability for maintenance and personal preference.

Below, we’ll introduce you to the best Havanese haircut styles to help you decide which one you should choose.

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5 Havanese Haircut Styles

While there are many variations of the below, the five haircut styles presented in this article are the most common ones you will find.

1. Puppy Cut



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Although named “puppy cut”, this haircut style is suitable for Havanese of all ages. Essentially, the hair is trimmed equally all over the body. As the hair length is a maximum of 2”, the haircut style is easy to maintain and it’s ideal if you want to avoid matting and tangles. This style does not necessarily require a professional groomer, as all you need to do is trim the hair equally on the body, face, legs, and tail.

A puppy cut where the hair is shorter is also known as a summer cut. A professional groomer may also help you if you are a first-time pet owner. It’s best to explain the specific style you want to achieve, such as how long and what shape the hair should be.

As this is quite straightforward, it doesn’t take long to achieve this look, even if you opt for trimming the hair yourself at home.

2. Teddy Bear Cut



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The teddy bear hairstyle means trimming all hair short, but the hair around the face is trimmed in a round shape, which resembles a teddy bear. Essentially, the teddy bear haircut is the same as the puppy cut, except for the round shape around the puppy’s face.

The hair on the body is usually trimmed to 2” at most, and the hair around the face is often shaped using scissors. This could be more difficult to achieve at home due to the perfect round shape, so you may want to opt for a professional groomer if you lack experience.

3. Kennel Cut



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The kennel cut is perhaps one of the easiest to maintain and is similar to the teddy bear cut. If you opt for this style, the body hair is shortened to around half an inch, while leaving the fur longer on its face, ears, and tail. Unlike the teddy bear look, the hair around the face and ears is not cut in a rounder shape – for this reason, the kennel cut can be easily achieved at home as well.

Due to the smaller size of the hair on the body, tangles and mats are highly unlikely, so this cut is easier to maintain than longer variations.

4. Full Length



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Some pet owners may want their pooch to have a full-length coat. This is the best option if you have sufficient time to brush and comb it every day, as it is the most likely to get tangled otherwise. In many cases, you may want to shorten the coat a bit if your dog’s hair is dragging on the ground, but this is quick and hassle-free and can be done at home with a bit of practice.

5. Top Knot


A top knot is a highly customizable haircut style. You can cut the body hair as short or as long as you wish, but you leave the hair on the head untouched, so you can make a knot. You can use ribbons or bows, or any other accessories. However, keep in mind that you need to make sure the hair doesn’t get into the pup’s eyes, so this style is more difficult to manage than others.

What Is the Best Havanese Haircut Style?

The best Havanese haircut style depends mostly on your personal preference, but also on other practical factors, such as the dog’s activity level, your experience, whether you prefer to trim your dog’s hair by yourself or opt for a professional groomer, and your availability to care for the coat. For example, if your dog plays outside daily, a longer coat may be difficult to keep clean, so a shorter, more manageable hair size is recommended.

Generally, the longer the coat is, the more difficult it is to maintain. This is why most pet owners prefer the puppy cut or the teddy bear cut – both keep the coat short, so it is less likely to get tangled and matted, but they maintain the Havanese’s signature look. Also, a shorter haircut style is highly recommended for a puppy, as they will gradually get used to a grooming routine.

If you prefer a longer coat, the top knot is one of the most versatile looks. The long coat of the Havanese is silky and soft to the touch, and it is one of the main prized features of the breed. However, depending on whether the coat is straight or wavy, it may be more difficult to maintain.

Another factor you may want to consider is the weather. In general, it’s recommended to opt for shorter haircut styles in the warmer months, and slightly longer during winter. This will help your pooch regulate its body temperature efficiently.

This doesn’t necessarily imply a change in haircut style based on the season – instead, you can go for a trim every six weeks in summer and less frequently in winter, which will allow the hair to grow longer.

Overall, the best Havanese haircut style depends on your personal preference and availability for maintenance. If you prefer a style that’s easier to keep, the puppy cut or the teddy bear cut is best. If you have time for maintenance and prefer the luxurious long coat of the breed, full-length and top knot are suitable choices.

What Is the Cutest Havanese Haircut Style?

The cutest Havanese haircut style depends on your preference; most dog owners prefer the teddy bear style, which is easier to maintain due to the short hair on the body. At the same time, the rounded, puffy face of this cut is cute, highlighting the Havanese’s playful eyes.

Another suitable option would be a top knot, which will add a touch of style to your Havanese, as you can use any accessories you prefer to tie the long hair on its head.

Puppy Cut vs. Teddy Bear Cut: Which Is Better for the Havanese?

If you are a first-time owner and want to trim your pooch at home, the puppy cut is better as it is easier to achieve. All you need to do is cut the hair equally all over the body to achieve this look. This is also neater, and easier to maintain, and tangles are unlikely.

With some practice or help from a professional groomer, the teddy bear cut is absolutely adorable for any Havanese. It means cutting the hair shorter all around the body, except for the face, where the hair has a rounded appearance. This may be better if you want to keep the coat low-maintenance while making your pooch look cute and cuddly.

Are There Any Haircut Styles to Avoid?

Some haircut styles are not suitable for Havanese and are not recommended for first-time owners. For instance, full length is very difficult to maintain. The hair may easily get matted or tangled, so daily brushing for the full-length coat is a must. In addition to this, using excessive hair products that contain harmful chemicals may be detrimental to skin health and may lead to irritation or even infections.

At the same time, cutting your dog’s hair too short can be quite dangerous for its health. It may feel cold in winter, or get sunburnt in the summer. As a result, it’s always recommended to avoid shaving your dog. If the coat is short, opting for extra protection in summer and winter is recommended.

A popular variation is the summer cut style, which is the same as the puppy cut, but significantly shorter. For safety, it’s best not to cut your dog’s hair too short; if unsure, you can ask your vet or groomer for guidance.

As a first-time dog owner, you should pay extra attention to the eye area. If the hair is too long, it may lead to eye infections. If in doubt, you may also ask your professional groomer for recommendations based on your specific circumstances, your dog’s coat, and your experience.


In this article, we’ve introduced you to the best hairstyles for a Havanese. This breed’s beloved coat offers many possibilities, so the choice is ultimately yours, based on your experience, how often you can brush it, and which style suits your pooch best.

Regardless of the style you choose, it’s important to be very clear if you opt for a professional groomer – a puppy cut or teddy bear look may not mean the same thing to everybody, so you should be specific when discussing the desired hair length and shape.

If you want to keep maintenance to a minimum, a puppy cut can be a good decision, as it can be easily done at home. For a cute and cuddly look, the teddy bear cut is also a popular choice among Havanese owners. Both of these styles are similar, except that the puppy look means cutting all hair short, between 1” – 2”, while the teddy bear look implies longer hair around the face, which is cut in a round shape. Apart from being highly practical, these Havanese haircut styles are some of the most popular among pet parents.

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