Do Havanese Like to Cuddle?

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Do Havanese Like to Cuddle?If you’re looking for a cuddly dog, you need to opt for a highly affectionate breed.

Some dogs may not be fond of cuddling despite their teddy-bear look, so read on to find out if Havanese dogs like to cuddle and what other cuddly breeds you may want to consider.

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Do Havanese Dogs Like to Cuddle?

In general, yes, Havanese dogs are a very social, affectionate breed – it’s one of the reasons why they are so popular. If you want a cuddly breed, this may be the right one for you. These dogs love to receive your attention, and make quick friends with just about anyone in the family, although they do tend to form a deeper bond with just one person.

While cuddling and affection are a trademark of this breed, early life experiences are also important. The puppy should be exposed to physical contact and cuddling as early as possible. If you rescued your pooch, it’s normal to be quite reluctant in the beginning.

However, Havanese dogs that are socialized from puppyhood will not hesitate to show their love to just about anyone – including your cat!

4 Reasons Why You Should Cuddle with Your Havanese

Let’s look at the four reasons why you should not shy away from cuddling with your Havanese.

Cuddling improves your bond

When you cuddle with your dog, both your and your dog’s brains start releasing oxytocin – a chemical associated with feelings of love and happiness for both of you. Hence, cuddling with your pet will make both of you feel happier and help you create a stronger connection with your pooch.

Cuddling with your Havanese lowers your stress

Researchers have found that cuddling with your dog lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, so a higher level is associated with stress, depression, and anxiety. Cuddling with your plushy Havanese will lower this hormone’s level, so researchers have concluded that dog owners live happier lives than non-pet owners. This also helps people who struggle with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

It makes both of you happy

Havanese dogs are very social and friendly. When alone, they can suffer from separation anxiety, so cuddling is one type of activity that will help your pooch feel loved and safe.

Your dog loves cuddling

Additionally, you should cuddle with your Havanese simply because it’s an activity it enjoys. There is also a reason why they enjoy cuddling – it is affectionate and provides warmth. Also, this activity relieves your dog’s stress – so they may look for you when they do not feel well.

In addition to this, dogs are pack animals, so it’s a way of creating a bond with you, and touch and affection are important for them.

5 Things to Do If Your Havanese Doesn’t Enjoy Cuddling

If your Havanese doesn’t like cuddling, there may be a variety of reasons for it. For instance, if you adopted your dog later on in its life, it may not have been handled frequently as a puppy, so it’s not used to this level of affection.

In some other cases, it’s more about the timing – for instance, if your puppy is hungry, it will be restless and not likely to enjoy cuddling until it is well-fed.

Here are some things you can do if your Havanese doesn’t enjoy cuddling:

  1. First, make sure your dog is healthy by making a vet appointment. If it doesn’t enjoy cuddling all of the sudden, there may be a chance your pooch is sick or in pain.
  2. Use a grooming routine to get your pooch accustomed to physical touches. For instance, during the daily brushing routine, stroke or give the pup a massage followed by some treats at the end. This will help your pooch get used to physical contact.
  3. Get to know what your dog likes and what it doesn’t like, and respect its wishes. Just like with humans, dogs are not in a cuddly mood all day long. If the dog doesn’t want to sit in your lap, try putting them on the floor and get down to their level. You should never try to restrain or pin them down if they don’t want to.
  4. Make sure you schedule playtime every day. Dedicating your free time to your dog is important to create a deep bond – making your dog more likely to want to cuddle with you!
  5. Skip hugging – it may be that you are trying to cuddle the wrong way. Dogs don’t see hugging the same way as we do; in fact, hugging could make them feel restrained and cause them stress. Head petting may also make them feel uncomfortable (or threatened), so a belly rub or chest petting could make your pooch feel more relaxed.

If your Havanese doesn’t feel like cuddling at any time, make sure you don’t try it. If your pup becomes annoyed at any point, it’s best to stop to avoid frustrating the dog, as bad associations with cuddling will make the dog less likely to enjoy this activity in the future. Instead, you should look for the cause – it may be that you are doing something wrong, your dog doesn’t feel well, or simply it doesn’t feel like cuddling at that moment.

3 Other Cuddly Breeds to Consider

While cuddly breeds are quite difficult to take care of – since they need to be around you all day – they are great options for single people, individuals who work from home, or people who spend most of their time at home. Here are some other cuddly breeds to consider.

Bichon Frise

Bichons are small, fluffy, and very affectionate, just like Havanese. If you are looking for a small, loving breed, this dog may be exactly what you need. This dog is happy in a household where someone is always home, as it doesn’t enjoy being on its own for a long time. It loves to become friends with just about anyone, ranging from other pets to kids.

Learn how the Havanese and Bichon Frise compare

Great Dane

Also known as the gentle giant, the Great Dane may not seem like an obvious pick. However, this pooch loves to cuddle with its favorite humans. These dogs are affectionate, extremely patient, and very friendly, despite their imposing stature.


Pugs don’t have the concept of personal space. This pooch will follow you everywhere. The breed was intended to be a lap dog – and rightly so, they are extremely affectionate with their owners. Some people call them “Velcro dogs” – since they will stick to you just like Velcro.


All in all, Havanese dogs do love to cuddle. Genetics are a huge part of this behavior, so picking a cuddly breed is an important step if you want a dog that loves cuddling and spending lots of time with you. Havanese dogs are great when it comes to love and affection and they are predisposed to love and cuddles.

If your Havanese does not like cuddling, it may not feel well, so you should schedule a vet visit to rule out health problems. If your dog had a rough start in life and has been abused, getting them used to affection may be difficult in the beginning.

However, showering them with lots of affection (even through small actions like praising) will help them feel safer around you. You can also use daily grooming sessions, such as brushing, to stroke your pet and offer lots of treats to get them used to physical contact.

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