Can Bichon Frise Be Black and White?

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Can Bichon Frise Be Black and White?Can a purebred bichon frise be anything other than white? That’s a common question amongst people interested in buying their first dog. Sometimes it extends to: can a purebred bichon frise be black and white? It might even be the deciding factor for some.

In contrast, new owners of a black and white bichon frise could worry that they have fallen for a scam.

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Can a Purebred Bichon Frise Be Black and White?

No, a purebred bichon frise can not be black and white. Why is that, though? Surely a black and white bichon isn’t such a stretch when one considers that bichons frises are white in most cases to begin with?

Well, the color of a dog’s coat depends entirely on its genes.

But doesn’t their diet play a role?

Some animals get their color by eating food containing certain pigments. However, our closest companions rely on their genetic makeup to determine the color of their coats.

So then why can’t bichons frises have a black and white coat?

Born this way.

Bichons frises lack many of the genes that code for pigments related to fur color. Pigments are the compounds that most animals use for color. Bichons frises have virtually no pigments that affect the color of their coat. That is why they are usually pure-white in color.

When it comes to fur, white is not a color but rather a lack of color caused by lacking the associated pigments. Indeed, the reason that bichons frises are primarily white makes sense when we look at their ancestry. They are the descendants of a group of dogs called ‘little white dogs.’ The earliest of these little white dogs came from the Canary Islands and quickly found a home with European royalty and aristocracy.

The bichons frises branched off from the main group in France, where selective breeding led to the earliest true bichons. Unlike working dogs, the bichon frise was bred mostly for its looks and character. There was particular emphasis on their fluffy pure-white coat, so naturally, any color got bred out over the years.


One kind of pigment that persists in the bichon frise’s genetic makeup is pheomelanin. The genes responsible for this pigment are repressed but not lost. Pheomelanin is responsible for pigments like red and yellow colors.

Because selective breeding suppressed the associated genes in bichons frises, we don’t have bichons that are red, yellow, or any bold hue today. However, because it is not completely gone from the gene pool, pheomelanin sometimes shows up as patterns of cream or apricot in purebred bichons frises’ coats.

No chance of a black and white bichon.

Unfortunately for anyone with their heart set on a black and white purebred bichon frise, that specific color combination is not possible unless the breed is mixed. It is equally unfortunate for an owner who has already purchased a ‘purebred’ black and white bichon. That is one of the reasons that it is so important one research a breed before spending any money.

Unscrupulous breeders are always out to make a quick buck, and they’ll lie outright about a dog’s breed if it gets a sale. If in doubt, always check the official breed standard.

3 Bichon Frise Mixed Breeds That Can Be Black and White

All that said, if you love the bichon frise but wish it was black and white, you have an option – you can go for a mixed breed. While that won’t work if you are looking to attend dog shows, it will be a great solution otherwise.

Below are three bichon frise mixed breeds that can result in your desired color combination:

Toy Fo-Chon

The Toy Fo-Chon is a mix of a bichon and a toy fox terrier. The relatively tiny size of both parent breeds ensures a small crossbreed that stands at about 10 inches tall when fully grown. Their coat is thick, medium-length, and curly.

It is a fun and active little dog that gets on well with people and pets. Furthermore, the fo-chon is a great little watchdog that you can trust to wake you up with eager yapping if it suspects intruders are lurking. Thanks to its fox terrier genes, the fo-chon comes in several colors and color combinations thanks to its fox terrier genes. They can come in black, white, and a mixture of the two.


What do you get when you mix a Boston terrier with a bichon frise? Unsurprisingly, the result is a companion dog sensitive to its owner’s emotional needs. And that pretty much summarizes the bostchon. It is a devoted little dog that tends to grow very attached to its owner. The bostchon has a look of its own, not resembling either parent breed very much.

The Boston has its short muzzle, but the bostchon’s snout is more pronounced. That is fortunate because the bostchon is a busy little guy. The longer nasal passages make it easier for the pup to regulate its body temperature.

The black and white coat is usually short to medium length. It retains the Boston terrier’s black and white color and pattern.


The shichon is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a bichon frise. The pairing makes for an affectionate, friendly, and fun-loving little dog. Furthermore, they are perfect for apartment living.

Although the shichon makes our list, a purely black and white shichon is a pretty rare find. That said, the shichon is becoming more popular by the day, making it easier to track down the color you want.


A purebred bichon frise can’t come in a mix of black and white. As is the case for all dogs, their coat color depends mainly on their genes. That said, there are a couple of bichon frise crossbreeds that can yield a black and white pup.

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