Do Havanese Shed?

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Do Havanese Shed?Are you looking for a low-shedding dog breed? People who suffer from allergies or do not want a dog that sheds too much for any other reason may be interested in adopting a Havanese.

Below, we’ll discuss whether Havanese shed, when they shed the most, and how to limit the shedding.

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How Much Do Havanese Shed?

Havanese is a low-shedding breed considered to be hypoallergenic.

The primary reason is that, similar to bichons frises, these dogs have a double coat, so the falling hairs get trapped in the coat instead of falling out. In fact, because of that, Havanese dogs are one of the lowest-shedding breeds. Other breeds with similar shedding include the aforementioned bichon frise, as well as toy poodle and Maltese.

It’s important to understand that, even if called “hypoallergenic”, all dogs shed, regardless of their breed. However, the shedding is minimal with these dogs. In general, the longer the dog’s hair, the longer it will take for it to shed since it has a longer growing cycle than dogs with smaller fur.

In addition to this, Havanese shed much less than other breeds because of their small size. For instance, a Golden Retriever will shed much more during the year, and the quantity of fur shed will be much more than a Havanese’s shed fur since it is a much bigger dog.

When Do Havanese Shed the Most?

As with all dogs, Havanese shed more at times than at others, based on a few factors:

  • Stage of life – Puppies do not shed until they become mature when they shed the puppy coat. As a result, if your Havanese reaches 1 year old, you should expect it to shed the most. Once the pooch becomes an adult, you won’t notice as much shedding anymore.
  • Seasons – Typically, dogs shed the most twice per year, when seasons change from winter to summer and from summer to winter. During the shedding season, your Havanese’s coat changes to adapt to the new type of weather, so it stays warm during winter and cool during summer.
  • Health problems – Your Havanese may shed more if it has a skin condition or is infected with pests. Some examples include alopecia (a disease that causes loss of fur), ticks, and fleas.

5 Reasons Your Havanese Might Shed Excessively

As briefly mentioned above, your Havanese will shed more when the seasons change and when they reach maturity. If your dog sheds excessively and these are not the causes, there may be another reason for it. Below, we’ll explore the most common reasons why your Havanese might shed excessively.

1. Medical Reasons

In most cases, your Havanese pup may have a medical condition that causes it to shed excessively. Excessive shedding may be the result of a hormonal imbalance (such as if your pup has just given birth or was spayed/neutered).

Other medical conditions that cause excessive shedding include bacterial infections, fungal infections, skin allergies, and genetically-related skin issues. If your Havanese is shedding more than usual, the best thing you can do is take it to the vet to run some tests.

2. Unhealthy Diet

Feeding your Havanese an unhealthy diet may lead to excessive shedding. This is because a healthy coat with strong hair requires vitamins and nutrients, and the lack of appropriate food may cause many health problems, including hair loss.

Some dogs may naturally need a bit of help in their diet, such as Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, which promote hair growth.

Another common mistake, although you may have the best intentions, is giving your dog gluten-free food, which limits your options unnecessarily. This is not always the best choice because gluten-intolerant dogs are not as common as many people think. The best thing you can do is consult your vet.

3. Not Enough Water

Another reason why your Havanese might shed a lot is dehydration.

For most pet owners, knowing exactly how much water their dog drinks can be very challenging. In general, a dog should drink about an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. Making sure the water bowl is always full is a good way to avoid excessive shedding due to dehydration.

4. Wrong or Bad Grooming

If your Havanese is perfectly healthy, has the right diet, and drinks sufficient water, you may need to analyze your grooming habits.

Some examples of bad or wrong grooming include:

  • You use the wrong shampoo and conditioner (dogs should be washed with dog-friendly products, not shampoo designed for human use!)
  • You don’t rinse your dog after washing, or you don’t fully rinse all the product out of their coat

5. Your Dog Is Stressed

Another common cause for excessive shedding is stress. Have you recently changed anything in your home, household, or routine? Dogs need a solid routine, otherwise, major or frequent changes can cause them a lot of stress, which leads to excessive shedding.

There may have been an isolated event that occurred and put your Havanese through a lot of stress, too. For instance, many pet owners notice that their dog sheds excessively when going to the vet. However, if this is the case, your pup should get back to normal once the event is over.

If your dog is constantly stressed or fearful, you may need to check with your vet and consider treating the cause.

5 Tips to Limit Your Havanese’s Shedding

It’s important to point out that shedding is normal for any dog. You should not do anything to reduce or completely prevent your dog from shedding. Shedding is a normal, healthy part of any dog’s life.

That being highlighted, there are a few things you can do to control the shedding. The most important thing you can do is take your Havanese to the vet and rule out the possibility of any underlying disease or pest that could cause excessive shedding.

If your Havanese is perfectly healthy, there are a few things you can change to make sure you control your pup’s shedding (within normal limits for this breed):

  1. Have a closer look at its diet and water intake. There is a chance your dog doesn’t receive all the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy, strong hair. Always make sure the dog has access to clean water.
  2. Examine your grooming products and opt for better-quality ones if necessary. You should always use dog-friendly tools and products, including shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Groom your dog every day. Daily brushing will help to remove loose hairs, so you’ll see less shedding than if you groom it less often. Also, daily brushing prevents mats and tangles, which can be painful to your dog and lead to hair breakage.
  4. Bathe your dog occasionally, especially when the seasons change. This will help remove the falling hairs, so your dog will shed less. Also, after the bath, use a clean towel to tap the dog dry, then blow dry the hair (using warm, not hot, air). As the coat gets dry, use a brush or a comb to remove any leftover loose hairs. Brush from the skin outward to remove most of the loose hairs.
  5. Make sure your dog is happy and does not suffer from stress or anxiety, including separation anxiety. You should not leave your pup alone at home for long periods of time. If there are any recent changes in your household, try to help your pup get used to the new environment.


All in all, Havanese dogs do shed, but they are some of the low-shedding dogs in the world. If your Havanese sheds excessively, it most likely suffers from a health condition.

Sometimes, it may be genetics, other times it may be a sign that your dog has an infection. Once you rule out the possibility that your dog is sick, you need to make sure your groom your dog correctly to limit shedding, provide a healthy lifestyle, and maintain a healthy environment at home.

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