Bostchon (Bichon Frise x Boston Terrier Mix): All You Need to Know

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Bostchon (Bichon Frise x Boston Terrier Mix)With unmistakable looks and a charming personality, the bostchon is a bichon frise hybrid that inherits the best of both worlds: the bichon’s loving personality and size with the Boston terrier’s adorable appearance. If you’re planning to welcome a bostchon into your family, you are in the right place.

Below, we’ll discuss everything you should know about this hybrid.

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Bostchon (Bichon Frise x Boston Terrier Mix) History

Bichon FriseThe Bostchon is a mix between bichon frise and Boston terrier. The first one is the descendant of the Barbet and probably poodle back in the 14th century. Its origins are unclear, but it was bred as a companion dog and quickly turned into the favorite royal breed in Italy and France. It is one of the several bichon-type breeds.

On the other hand, the Boston terrier’s origin can be traced back to England and it borrowed its name from Boston city in Massachusetts, where it was bred from a mixed English Bulldog. The English pup was brought to Boston in the mid-1800s and it was mixed with several, unknown pooches to obtain the Boston terrier we know and love nowadays.

The bostchon as a mixed breed has a lesser-known origin. It was most likely bred in the 1950s, but not much information is available. It is considered a designer hybrid and is often referred to as Boston Frise as well.

Bostchon Appearance, Coat, Size, and Weight

Each bostchon’s appearance is likely to vary based on its parents. Some pups may have different looks but, in general, they inherit the Boston terrier’s compact body with the adorable bichon frise facial features. The muzzle is short, while the eyes and nose are black. They tend to have dropping ears. The paws are small and sensitive, but the body is muscular with a thin tail.

The coat is medium or long similar to a bichon, and often wiry and dense like a Boston. The coat color varies from white to black and brown.

In terms of size, bostchons are small pups with rather long legs. They weigh 13 to 18 pounds and grow between 10 and 16 inches tall.

Bostchon Maintenance, Activity, and Space Requirements

Bostchons do not shed much, but they are not considered hypoallergenic, unlike bichons frises. The medium to long coat is prone to tangles and mats, so they are quite high maintenance. This pup is not suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

Although less time-consuming than a bichon frise, the bostchon still requires all your time and attention. They should be bathed as often as necessary – ideally monthly. The facial hair should be trimmed regularly around the ears and eyes to avoid infections. Also, they need their nails cut regularly, just like any other pooch.

The bostchon is an energetic hybrid, so they need moderate physical exercise each day. Just like their parents, bostchons require your constant love and affection to stay happy and healthy. In most cases, their activity needs can be fulfilled by going on a short (about 30-45 minutes) walk or some intense playtime in the garden or dog park. Keep in mind that this pup doesn’t like high temperatures, so physical exercise should be less intense in hot weather.

Bostchons are playful and quite active. They love playing with you or other family members. For best results, you should make a schedule for your playtime, as consistency will provide them with much-needed security. Yet, keep in mind that bostchons are not outdoor dogs, so you shouldn’t leave your pup outside for long. Also, if the weather is bad, you can simply fulfill their activity needs by playing inside. That said, they need their outdoor time just as much.

In terms of space requirements, the small pup doesn’t need a large house or garden to thrive. If you don’t have a large yard, make sure you take your pup on walks or to a dog park every day. For these dogs, outdoor and indoor experiences are a must. To keep them interested, you can vary the games or the routes to the park each day.

Bostchon Temperament and Intelligence

Unsurprisingly, bostchons are both sensitive and stubborn – traits present in both parents. This means they can use their intelligence to oppose you, resist change, or ignore your commands. The smart hybrid thrives in environments with consistent routines and they should be led with a firm and gentle hand.

Bostchons are very sensitive to your tone and attitude, so make sure you seek professional help if you don’t have experience with dog training. They can be quite independent, so you need to act as early as possible and introduce them to training as puppies.

In general, bostchon’s temperament is friendly, loving, and happy. It gets along with all the members of your family, kids and pets included. In general, these personality traits make bostchons suitable for all types of families and households, ranging from young families with kids to the elderly. Once settled in, bostchons are very caring and affectionate, they live to please their families, and will be very attached to you.

Bostchon Health and Lifespan

In general, both Boston terriers and bichons frises live about 13-15 years. However, as a hybrid with more genetic variety, bostchons live longer than their parents as they tend to be healthier. If you want your pup to live a healthy life, it’s important to keep them active, feed them quality food, and conduct regular checkups.

The bostchon is a relatively new designer hybrid and there’s enough variety among pups to make it difficult to highlight specific diseases. In general, to avoid health problems, you should schedule regular vet visits and keep a tight grooming routine.

For instance, its teeth are quite sensitive, so regular brushing and oral hygiene are very important. Also, daily activity ensures that the dog is fit and has a healthy weight – yet another important aspect if you want a healthy pup.

Apart from dental issues, you may need to watch out for eye diseases (infections, cataracts) and skin diseases. As your pup ages, it may become more sensitive and prone to develop different conditions, which is why regular visits to the vet are important, so you can get an early diagnosis and treat it in an early stage.

5 Bostchon Fun Facts

Bostchons are crossbreeds that can be quite surprising. If you want to find out more about these interesting pups, check out this short list of fun facts!

1. Cheaper Than Its Parents

Bostchons are typically cheaper than their purebred parents. In general, crossbreeds are less expensive and you can find them in many shelters, too. If possible, adopting a pup is better than buying one from a breeder. This decreases the chance of financing irresponsible breeders or puppy farms.

2. Hybrid Vigor

As briefly mentioned above, bostchons live longer and are healthier than their parents. This is because pure bichons frises or pure Boston terriers are inbred. Bostchons come with diverse genetic traits, which means that they have a lower chance of inheriting their parents’ genetic problems, including shorter lifespans and specific genetic diseases. This is known as “hybrid vigor.”

3. Each Bostchon Is Unique

Thanks to the fact that it has different parents, each bostchon is highly likely to be unique both in terms of appearance and personality. You never know for sure what your pup will look like as an adult dog because it will be a random combination of its parents’ traits. For instance, it may be slightly bigger or smaller than what you expect, or the coat may take more after bichon’s white and curly coat. But, for some people, this is a huge benefit of getting a hybrid puppy: having a unique dog!

4. More Adaptable

Dogs are bred to keep certain traits or to make them suitable for a specific purpose – for instance, bichons frises were bred as lap dogs, while Boston terriers were initially bred for dogfighting, although now they are known as the “American gentlemen.” Bostchons, and other crossbreeds, are more adaptable since they are not bred with a specific purpose in mind. They have a blend of different traits and characteristics, so they are easier to train.

5. Therapy Dog

Did you know that, despite the original purposes of the first Boston terriers, the pup is now considered a companion dog due to its affectionate nature? The bostchon is an adorable mix of two breeds traditionally used as therapy dogs. For instance, Boston terriers are known to help people with depression and anxiety, while a bichon frise earned a reward for its work with veterans in 2019.

Is Bostchon the Right Breed for You?

The bostchon is a friendly, charming, and loving buddy. It can be a bit stubborn, but nothing that consistent training cannot solve. It grows into a loving adult dog that will be friends with the whole family. A hybrid is a great choice if you want to have a healthy pup and cannot decide between a bichon frise or a Boston terrier.

Able to deal with both the freedom of village life or a confined apartment in a busy city, the bostchon is adaptable and has a medium need for physical activity. It is a fairly healthy breed – especially compared to other purebred pups thanks to more genetic variety. This also means it can be difficult to predict its personality with accuracy. Nonetheless, a bostchon is highly trainable and ideal for any family.

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