Pros and Cons of Bolognese Dog to Know Before Getting One

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Pros and Cons of Bolognese Dog to Know Before Getting OneThe Bolognese is a small white dog breed from the city of Bologna in Italy. It’s typically only 10”-12” tall and will weigh around 5 to 9 lbs.

The breed is cute, and fluffy, and has a small square and stocky body that often makes them look like a stuffed toy. They’re incredibly popular across the world, and can make great pets, but, as with any breed, they do have their pros and cons.

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Pros of Bolognese Dogs

The Bolognese is popular for a reason. The breed has plenty of advantages that make them incredibly desirable dogs for all sorts of reasons.

The Bolognese Is Hypoallergenic

A lot of people are allergic to the dander that comes from dogs. This can mean that many people find themselves unable to own a dog or be around them for any length of time without serious discomfort.

Some dog breeds, though, have qualities that make them much more suitable for people with allergies. Since the majority of dog allergies are responses to pet dander (fur and dead skin that falls from the dog), breeds that shed less or shed minimally are less likely to cause a reaction; the Bolognese is an example of this.

No dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic, as all dogs will shed, but the Bolognese is considered to be hypoallergenic as it sheds very minimally.

The Bolognese Is An Affectionate Dog

A lot of people get a pet dog in the hopes that it will bond with them quickly and they will be able to spend time cuddling and petting their new friend. Unfortunately, with some breeds, they are unlikely to take well to cuddles or extended periods of petting. Not the Bolognese, though. The Bolognese is an incredibly affectionate dog breed and will happily spend hours just chilling out with its family. It forms bonds quickly and will remain loyal to them forever.

The Bolognese Has Low Exercise Requirements

Providing a dog with enough exercise on a daily basis is an essential part of being a dog owner. It helps to cement bonds between you and the dog, keeps your pet happy, and healthy, and helps them to burn off any excess energy that might otherwise cause them to act out in destructive ways.

This can be quite tiresome with some dog breeds. Breeds like the Akita, for example, need two hours each day! Fortunately, the Bolognese is a relatively low-maintenance dog when it comes to exercise and only needs 30 minutes each day.

Cons of Bolognese Dogs

Despite all of the breed’s wonderful pros, it does still have some cons. No breed is perfect, after all!

The Bolognese Is Very Small

Small dogs can be really sweet, and a lot of people prefer them, especially those who live in apartments. But the Bolognese, at only 10”-12” tall, is very small. This means that it is not a breed that would do well in a home with small children.

As much as small children might try, they will often find it very difficult to be gentle with a dog. Larger dog breeds are sturdy and can usually cope with this, but smaller breeds like the Bolognese run the risk of being injured by young children pulling, patting, and grabbing at them.

That’s not to say the Bolognese can’t live in a house with children at all, though. The breed would be fine in a home with slightly older children who are more likely to be able to control their strength.

The Bolognese Is Prone to Separation Anxiety

The Bolognese is a member of the Bichon dog family, and as a result, it has many of the same sensitivities as a Bichon Frise. This includes the breeds’ predisposition to separation anxiety.

The Bolognese often has issues with this, and will not handle any length of time alone very well. It can cope whilst you head to the grocery store, or maybe out for a meal, but if you’re looking for a dog that will happily spend the day alone whilst you’re out at work – the Bolognese is not that dog.

You can sometimes train a Bolognese to better handle time alone, but generally speaking, the breed will always have some level of sensitivity.

The Bolognese is Not A Quiet Breed

Many people have the idea that small dog breeds tend to be quite yappy. With many dog breeds, that is not the case, but with the Bolognese, it can ring true. This breed does have a tendency to be a bit more vocal than others.

Sometimes the Bolognese’s barking will be at other dogs, or at passers-by within the home. Other times, it will just be a way to communicate with you. Like other undesirable behaviors, this can sometimes be trained out of the Bolognese, but training would have to start early.

Is the Bolognese a Good Dog to Get?

Overall, despite the breed’s negative aspects, the Bolognese can make a wonderful pet. The breed was designed to be a companion dog and it does precisely what it is supposed to. It’s loyal, and loving, and will keep your lap warm and your family entertained.

The Bolognese is a great pet for single people, older people, and families with older children. It’s small enough to live in apartments and its hypoallergenic coat means that it’s great even for people who suffer from allergies.


The Bolognese is a hypoallergenic dog breed that is incredibly loyal and affectionate. It does not require extensive amounts of exercise and is always happy to spend time with its family. The breed is prone to separation anxiety and barking, but these can often be handled with sufficient training.

Owners should be aware, though, that small children may pose a threat to the breed due to its incredibly small stature.

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