Do Bolognese Dogs Shed?

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Do Bolognese Dogs Shed?The Bolognese is a small, popular dog with plenty of character and great looks. It’s a great breed for families, single people, or couples, and can make a house feel much more like a home.

But one of the things that people often ask when looking at dog breeds is how much the breed sheds. Are you going to have to spend hours each day vacuuming the carpet? Here’s what you need to know.

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How Much Do Bolognese Shed?

The Bolognese has a soft, fluffy all-white coat that looks and, to some extent, feels like cotton. The breed’s coat is beautiful and is considered ‘non-shedding’ or ‘hypoallergenic’. This means that the Bolognese is a minimally shedding breed.

Every dog sheds a little, as the coat must continue to grow, but dog breeds like the Bolognese shed so little that they are much safer for people with allergies or asthma. In comparison to other small dogs, the Bolognese sheds much less. Dog breeds like the Papillon, for example, shed a fair amount and require extensive grooming. The Bolognese is not so unfortunate.

The Bolognese also benefits from being a small dog breed. As such, they have less coat to shed. This means that in comparison to larger dog breeds, there will be less shedding regardless of the breed’s status as a low-shedding breed.

When Do Bolognese Shed the Most?

Whilst Bologneses do not shed very much, owners may expect to find that there are certain times of year in which the breeds shed more. This is the case with most dog breeds, especially those with double coats like the Akita and other spitz types. These breeds will even ‘blow’ their coat in the spring or summer in order to ensure that they don’t overheat.

The Bolognese does not blow its coat and does not shed seasonally. Many owners are pleasantly surprised when the seasons change to find that their Bolognese does not shed more in the spring or shed less in the winter. The breed will shed fairly consistently across the year.

6 Reasons Your Bolognese Might Shed Excessively

Below, we’ll go over some reasons your Bolognese might be shedding excessively.

Poor Diet

Feeding your Bolognese a healthy diet is an essential part of providing it with enough care. Poor diets can cause illness, lethargy, and even hair loss. A poor diet can lead to weak hair follicles. Alternatively, a good and varied diet can lead to healthy and sturdy hair follicles, reducing the amount of shedding.


Just as with diet, ensuring that your dog gets enough water is incredibly important for your pup. Failing to give a dog enough water can cause your Bolognese to become unwell and can cause the skin to become dehydrated. This can exacerbate any hair loss and shedding that occurs.


Infections of your Bolognese skin like ringworm and fungal dermatitis can cause hair loss and itchiness. These conditions are caught from the environment and other dogs and can be quite noticeable, especially in breeds like the Bolognese that do not usually shed excessively.


Excessive shedding in a Bolognese may be a sign of an illness. It is important to get any unexplained shedding checked out by a vet as soon as possible, as it can sometimes be one of the early signs of kidney and liver disease. These should be treated as soon as possible.


When your Bolognese is anxious there will be a release of epinephrine (or adrenaline). This can cause a release of hair in the follicles, leading to excessive shedding. You may also notice that your Bolognese is quieter or less interested in things than usual.

Thyroid Issues

Hypothyroidism in dogs tends to cause hair loss as it creates a decrease in cellular metabolic activity, meaning that the cells responsible for managing the growth and release of hair are not working as they should.

5 Ways to Limit Your Bolognese’s Shedding

Next, we’ll look at some ways to limit your pooch’s shedding.

Monitor Diet

Since a dog’s diet can play a big part in how much they shed, you should always ensure that you know what it is that your dog is eating and that it’s the right thing. Usually, vets can help you to determine this, but typically, high-quality meat-rich food is good for avoiding shedding.

Regulate Stress

To avoid your Bolognese developing stress or anxiety, you can help to make sure that its environment is as relaxing as possible. This might mean providing it with enough exercise, playing more, cuddling more, or making sure you leave the Bolognese alone less. These all help to secure a bond with a dog and will help the Bolognese to feel more secure and less nervous.

Brush regularly

Making sure that you regularly brush your Bolognese can help to prevent excessive shedding by removing dirt and bacteria from the coat and removing any dead hair that may cause mats or knots. By taking these elements away you minimize the chances of infection and reduce any stress on the hair follicles.

Bathe regularly

Just as with brushing, bathing your Bolognese on a regular basis can help to ensure that they are free from any bacteria and can prevent infection. Bathing should not be done too often, though, as it can dry out the Bolognese’s skin.


The Bolognese is a low-shed dog that should be suitable for most people with allergies. It does, however, just like all dogs, still shed a little. Sometimes, when there is something else going on, the Bolognese might shed a little bit more than usual. It’s always worth getting that checked out, and keeping on top of the Bolognese’s grooming, feeding, and exercise to prevent it!

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