Are Havanese Good with Kids?

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Are Havanese Good with Kids?The Havanese dog breed wins many hearts, but is it a good decision to adopt one if you have kids? If you are wondering if Havanese are good with kids, you are in the right place.

In the next sections, we will discuss whether this cuddly dog, known as the “Velcro dog” thanks to its deep attachment to its family, is a good choice for you.

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Should You Be Considering a Havanese If You Have Kids?

While you cannot predict with high accuracy the temperament of any dog, parents should know that Havanese is a good breed as a family dog. These dogs are friendly and playful, and they love to be around their human companions.

Consequently, you should consider a Havanese if you have kids, but there may be a few things to keep in mind based on your kid’s age.

Are Havanese Good with Babies?

You need to consider carefully if you have a baby and you want to adopt a new pet, mostly because of all the time required to care for an animal, which can be overwhelming for new parents. Havanese is a kid-friendly breed, but there are many other factors at play when you have a baby. Your baby may accidentally push, pull, or hurt the dog, which could lead to accidents.

In general, new parents are not encouraged to add to their responsibility, especially by getting a puppy. If you do, however, it’s best to go for a dog aged between 1 and 5 years. An adult dog will require less care than a puppy. Dogs in this range are also the best with kids, as they are not so excitable as a puppy, but not old enough to suffer from age-related health problems.

Nonetheless, you should never leave your dog and your baby unsupervised.

Are Havanese Good with Toddlers?

Havanese dogs are usually very good friends with small kids. They are playful, may easily do tricks to entertain your toddler, and love attention.

However, Havanese, just like other dogs, are not tireless. Sometimes, they want to sleep and eat. If the dog is very young or untrained, it may snap at your toddler if they disturb their rest. Havanese may growl if their private space is not respected.

As long as both your pet and your toddler are properly trained, so they know how to behave when they are around each other, this will be a happy mix. However, just like in the case of babies, you will need to make sure your kid and pet are always supervised by an adult.

Will a Havanese Be Jealous of Your Kids?

Jealous behavior is not healthy. In most cases, a Havanese will not be jealous of your kid, especially if you get the pet after you have kids. In case of being pregnant right now, or a child coming into the family after the pet is adopted, jealous behaviors may occur.

Some signs of jealousy include:

  • Aggression – such as biting, nibbling, and growling toward your kid
  • Fight for your attention – such as jumping or sitting on you when you are with your kid
  • Potty accidents – such as peeing or pooping inside the house
  • Leaving the room when they are distressed

To eliminate such harmful behaviors, they are a few things you can do:

  • Socialize your Havanese dog from a young age
  • Respect your Havanese (i.e., do not force them to play with your kid when it doesn’t want to)
  • Use praise and treats when it acts well with your kid
  • Train the dog not to jump on people (this could be dangerous if you have a baby)
  • Make ground rules for your Havanese and kids
  • Always supervise your kid and Havanese when they spend time together

Can a Havanese Hurt Your Kids?

The Havanese is a cuddly, smart, playful, and well-meaning dog. It can be an excellent companion when it is socialized from an early age, is trained well, and you have strong rules in place for both your dog and your kid.

However, some small kids may be clumsy with dogs. The Havanese is a petite breed, so it can get hurt easily (even by accident, during rough play). The Havanese may growl or nibble when disturbed.

Just like any other dog, a Havanese can snap at your kid. This is why it’s important to teach your kid to respect animals (even if they look like toys) and train your Havanese as early as possible. Also, in the case of small kids who are very loud and noisy, Havanese dogs may easily get scared or anxious.

5 Tips for Having a Havanese Get Along with Your Kids

Most Havanese dogs will be good with your kids. However, this is a behavior, not a personality trait, so there is always a chance of your dog snapping at your child if they are not trained well.

Fortunately, Havanese dogs are very smart and quick to learn, so they will adapt easily to a household with children. If your kids are old enough, you may want to ask for their help to train your new Havanese puppy. This will help the kids understand how to behave around dogs and will teach them responsibility.

Here are some tips for having a Havanese get along with kids:

  • Children need to be taught about body language. If the dog requires space, it will lower its ears; it may put its tail down if frightened, and others. It’s important to teach your kid what these behaviors look like and what to do when they happen (such as leaving the dog alone when scared or giving them space)
  • While a Havanese looks like a toy, kids should be taught that they are dogs, not toys. Thus, they should never pick them up, push them around or play roughly with them.
  • Even the friendliest, most playful dog in the world needs its own space from time to time. Your kids need to know the importance of never waking up the dog abruptly, and leaving the dog alone to sleep or have its alone time whenever needed. Dogs should never be forced to play or do another activity.
  • Also, dogs need space at meal times and kids should never offer them food. If your dog is constantly being pulled at when eating or the kid takes their food away, they may become aggressive, fearful, or start to eat too quickly when they see food.
  • The Havanese is a playful dog, but it is not as active as a small kid. Sometimes, the dog may simply want to take a nap, lie down, or play by themselves with one of their toys. Respecting their space is important for both your dog and your child.

If these rules are enforced, there is no reason why your Havanese may snap at your children. It’s important to lead by example, so your kid should always see you treat the dog the same way you expect them to.

3 Other Kid-Friendly Breeds to Consider

Choosing a pet when you have kids is not a decision to be taken lightly. Here are some other breeds you may want to consider:

1. Pug

A pug is a tolerant breed. It has its own childish, silly behaviors, which will surely entertain your kid and the rest of the family. It is a small pooch, and more muscular than the frail Havanese. Nonetheless, proper training for all household members and the pet is still required to make sure you have a well-rounded adult pug.

2. Beagle

Beagle is a versatile dog that is very happy when it’s around its family. This breed is one of the most favorites for many families, but it’s worthwhile to remember that beagles take their food very seriously – thus, they should be treated with the same respect all pets deserve and they should be left alone when eating.

3. Bichon Frise

Another small breed, the bichon frise is playful and a great companion for any household, regardless of its size and members. It may not be a good choice for very small kids. It looks like a puffy teddy bear, so small kids may be tempted to play with it a bit too roughly – which could hurt the dog. Just like with any other breed, proper training is required for the kids and the dog.

In a separate article, I compared the bichon frise and Havanese in detail.


Overall, it is very important to do your research before choosing a dog when you have kids.

The Havanese is playful, smart, and highly unliked to be snappy (if not provoked). Proper training and early socialization are a must for any dog, regardless of its breed, if you want it to behave well and be adaptable to any environment.

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