9 Reasons Bichon Frise Are Good Family Dogs

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Are Bichons Frises Good Family Dogs?Getting a dog is always exciting! It means welcoming a new member of the family to love and make lasting memories with. Keeping a pet dog in the house helps improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Choosing the perfect breed is an important step to making sure your future pet is a great match for your family’s needs.

The bichon frise is a small, mostly white dog breed that is known to be sweet and delightful to be around. A cute dog with a friendly personality for the family? Yes, please!

Here are 9 reasons why the bichon frise will make for good family dogs.

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1. They are the perfect size

If you are looking for a small but sturdy dog, a bichon frise is the perfect one for you!

Bichon frises are the right size of lap dogs that you can cuddle, snuggle, and sleep beside. They may grow up to 9 to 11 inches and may weigh up to 7 to 12 pounds. These dogs are great to live with even in small apartments but are strong enough on their own that you don’t need to over-parent them when outside.

2. They are cheerful and kid-friendly

Playful yet gentle, bichons are considered to be one of the most kid-friendly dog breeds out there. You don’t need to worry about them not getting along with your children because bichons are naturally cheerful, and they can adapt well to new environments.

They also tend to form a bond quickly with new families because of their affectionate temperament. This is also because they are inclined to form relationships with a family or a “pack.”

3. They are great companions

Bichon frise dogs make for excellent companions. They are known for their instinctive intelligence which is a dog’s ability or skill that their breed was developed for. Bichons are bred for companionship.

Companion dogs know how to be there for you and keep you company in the best way they can. They have the amazing ability to understand your needs and emotions, and because of this, they can be a great source of comfort when you need it the most.

Additionally, they teach you how to be selfless, and keep you active and happy everyday. It is no question why dogs certainly are a man’s best friend.

4. They live a long life

It is sad that dogs cannot stay with us forever but bichons can live up to 15 years or even more! Some surveys even say they can live up to 4 more years than expected.

Thanks to their size and impressive health history, they can carry out their life mission to be your family’s companion for a long time. They are there to share your family’s most important moments and stick around long enough to be your children’s favorite buddies until they grow old!

5. They have a cute coat which doesn’t shed much

Sometimes, the struggle with cute, furry dogs is when the shed. Not to worry, bichons are considered hypoallergenic because they don’t shed as much as other breeds. They are great to keep because they’re oftentimes great for people with allergies too!

The coats of these dogs are dense which means that the dander will not spread throughout the house. And because they are non-shedding, they will also not leave any unwanted hair on shirts, beds, and couches.

6. They can be protective

We have established that bichons are sweet and gentle by nature but they also tend to be alert. It is good to take note that these dogs can be protective when they need to.

Even though they are not as aggressive as watchdogs, they still offer an alert bark to let you know if someone is approaching or if someone is at the door.

7. They are good with other pets

They don’t only love interacting with their human families but they get along well with other animals too! If you have other pets in the household, you need not worry about the bichon’s future relationship with them if you take one home. In fact, if a bichon and a cat mature together in the same household, they can become the best of friends.

The sociable and friendly temperament of the bichon frise makes them easy to be around. Additionally, bichons will also benefit well from the interaction which is an opportunity for lots of physical activity and play.

8. They are energetic and active

Truly, these dogs are always so full of energy and life. They are always ready to play. You would have to give them moderate exercise in a day to keep them healthy, but they would very much love a good amount of quality time with you that consists of learning new tricks and playing endless games.

These fluffy pets love to be the center of attention too!

9. They are clingy and will shower you with love

Aside from active playing, bichons also appreciate quiet time filled with hugs and kisses from their fur parents. They love spending time with their human families. Because of this, they can build solid relationships and attachments with their owners. So it is advisable to spend time with them and shower them with love in return.

They might get a little anxious when you leave for a longer time, but you can always slowly ease into the separation or ask somebody to visit and play with them while you’re gone. Remember, this is only because they love you very much!


There are so many breeds out there to choose from and all of them have diverse traits you will surely enjoy.  But, with all these amazing qualities of the bichon frise, who wouldn’t want to bring one home as a great source of joy, love, and maybe a bit of entertainment, too!

It doesn’t matter if you are already an expert dog whisperer or just a new dog parent learning the ropes, the bichon frise will most definitely be the best choice as an additional member of your family.

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