Do Not Keep Your Bichon Frise Ungroomed!

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Ungroomed Bichon FriseSo, you have added a bichon frise to your family. Congratulations! These adorable pooches are just a delight. They look like little walking clouds, absolute little bouncing marshmallows, and are one of the cutest breeds out there, making them hugely popular the world over.

But boy oh boy, they look like an absolute mess when they are not well-groomed and looked after.

A bichon frise is a cute, fluffy little ball of fur. But this fluffball look does not come without effort, and these adorable dogs need constant grooming. You could DIY it at home if you have the patience and know-how, but you will probably get the best results if you take your four-legged friend to a professional pet groomer.

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How Long Can a Bichon Frise Go Without Grooming?

Because of the nature of a bichon frise’s long, furry coat it is necessary to groom these dogs relatively often. And you would have to start the grooming schedule very early on in the dog’s life. It is advised that you take your bichon frise to a groomer for its very first haircut from as early as 12 weeks old. This first visit to the groomer will get your pooch used to going for regular grooming sessions and will avoid raising their stress levels later on in their life.

Once you have taken your bichon frise for its first haircut it is imperative that you keep taking them on a regular schedule. For the best results, it would be best to take them for a full groom at least once every four weeks. Now, please note that this is not the only grooming that the little fluff ball will need. You would also need to learn how to groom your pup at home.

For the best-looking dog and to keep their fur soft and shiny it is especially important to give them a complete and proper brush through 3 to 4 times a week. This will avoid their fur getting tangled and will have them looking their best at all times.

5 Risks of Not Grooming Your Bichon Frise Often Enough

The most important thing about a bichon frise that you have to remember is that their hair keeps growing and that they do not shed at all. Although this is good news for your furniture as there will never be a lot of hair to clean up, this does mean that you will have to give the dog a complete brush through between three to four times a week, to avoid any tangles and remove dead hair and dander.

There are certain other risks factors that you will be able to avoid if you are on a regular grooming schedule for your bichon frise:

  • Unpleasant smell and hygiene – irregular bathing of your pup can cause them to become quite stinky.
  • Matting – just like human hair goes knotty and matted when not brushed regularly, a bichon frise’s hair can become a matted mess without a regular brush through.
  • Fleas – Without a proper grooming schedule it will be difficult to spot when your little pup has fleas, and you will not be able to treat them before they scratch their own skin raw.
  • Ear infections – without regular cleaning, their floppy ears can trap bacteria and lead to a painful ear infection. Prevention is always better than cure!
  • Skin and health-related issues – It is not uncommon for small dogs to have skin-related health problems. Because of a bichon frise’s thick coat, it may be difficult to notice any such skin conditions until it gets more severe.

What to Do with an Ungroomed Bichon Frise

An ungroomed bichon will potentially have matted hair and plenty of tangles. If you have an ungroomed pet the best would be to get it to one of these groomers as soon as possible.

Just like you would not let your own hair go for weeks or even months without a wash and a cut, so you should not let your four-legged friend’s go either. The first time might seem a daunting task, but with regular upkeep, the job gets smaller and easier every time.

A trip to the groomers will entail a thorough bath, a hair cut, nail cutting, and ear and eye cleaning, all necessary to keep your bichon looking and feeling its best.


So there you have it, the long and short of whether or not you must groom a bichon frise. As we’ve shown, this is a breed that does require regular grooming to stay healthy and looking its best. In other words, you should in no circumstances keep your bichon frise ungroomed.

However, if you can see past the regular commitment (or if someone else in your household can take on this task), then a bichon frise may be the perfect pup for you!

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