Review: Royal Canin Bichon Frise Dog Food

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Review: Royal Canin Bichon Frise Dog FoodFood and nutrition are perhaps the most two important aspects that influence your bichon frise’s overall health. Many bichons also grow to be quite fussy eaters, making the task of choosing the best dog food even more difficult. The good news is that Royal Canin is one of the few brands that created dog food especially to cater to bichons frises’ special nutritional needs.

Below, we’ll have a look at Royal Canin Bichon Frise adult dog food and whether it’s suitable for your pooch.

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About Royal Canin

Royal Canin was established in 1968 in France by a veterinarian and it was acquired by an American company in 2001. The Royal Canin dog food is optimized for different breeds and life stages, which eases owners’ duty to find the right food for their pup.

One aspect that’s highly praised among bichon owners is the fact that Royal Canin’s adult dog food is specially created to address specific breed issues, such as sensitive coat and skin, and it’s enjoyed even by the pickiest dogs.

Royal Canin Bichon Frise Adult Dog Food Review

Now that you know more about the brand, let’s take a close look at the actual product. What nutrients does it contain? What sizes does it come in? And where is it made?

Nutritional Information

Royal Canin bichon frise adult dog food contains several ingredients.

The first one is wheat, a grain found in many pet foods as it makes them crunchier and adds carbs, fiber, and other nutrients. Next, Royal Canin dog food contains chicken by-product meal, which means ground chicken parts that are not used for human food, such as feet, necks, or entrails.

Other notable ingredients include corn and brewers rice, both of which are carbohydrate sources. Brewers rice is a by-product of the beer industry and is gluten-free, while corn is another popular ingredient rich in carbohydrates, but also adds vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Royal Canin bichon frise adult dog food has about 352 kcal per cup (or 3,662 kcal per kg). In terms of macronutrients, the brand lists the minimum guaranteed amounts as 27% protein, 13% fat, 3.6% fiber, at a maximum moisture level of 10%. It’s also enriched with numerous vitamins, including A, B12, D3, and B6, among others.


The Royal Canin bichon frise adult dog food comes in two sizes, either 3 or 10 pounds. The pack is designed to keep the food fresh with an easy-to-use zip system, and the food is packaged under a protective atmosphere to ensure freshness for longer.


Royal Canin has multiple factories around the world, including Canada and the United States. The bichon frise adult dog food is distributed and imported by Royal Canin Mexico SA.

Should You Feed Your Bichon Frise with Royal Canin Dog Food?

Although some owners may be offset by the main ingredients, particularly wheat and chicken by-products, it’s important to note that this dog food meets the nutritional requirements established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. Thus, it’s an affordable way of keeping your pooch well-fed and ensuring that it has all the nutrients to stay healthy.

Also, there are other key ingredients in this dog food that contribute to its overall health. First, it is designed to support the urinary system due to its optimized mineral content. But, it’s key to encourage your pooch to stay hydrated and drink sufficient water to prevent urinary tract diseases on top of just giving it the right food.

This dry dog food also has the right size to favor chewing, while the calcium chelators prevent dental issues. It is enjoyed even by picky eaters, and some owners opt for adding some water to the dry food to make it more enticing. Many bichon owners struggle with skin and coat problems due to this breed’s high sensitivity. Royal Canin dog food was specially created to keep your bichon’s skin and coat healthy as it is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids and borage oil.

Finally, the food is designed to prevent weight gain while ensuring proper nutrition.

Overall, considering that this food was created especially for bichons frises, it’s is a great choice for your pup as long as there are no health issues or food allergies to be considered, including gluten and fish.

3 Alternatives to Royal Canin Bichon Frise Adult Dog Food

If you are worried that Royal Canin’s dog food may not be the best choice for your pup, we’ve picked three options favored by both owners and bichons frises. These are not specially formulated for this breed, but they meet the requirements as per AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for small dogs.

1. Blue Wilderness – Small Breed Dog Food

Alternative to Royal Canin Bichon Frise Food: Blue Wilderness If you want dog food free of fillers like soy and corn, this alternative should be at the top of your shortlist. It contains whole ingredients and, most importantly, no chicken by-products are used in the recipe. Instead, the primary ingredients are real deboned chicken, peas, fish meal, and flaxseed.

While some pooches may be allergic to fish, this ingredient is quite frequent in dog food as it promotes healthy skin and coat. Some other key ingredients include nutrient-rich vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes, which come with a boost of carbs and vitamins that support heart health. Blue Wilderness dog food for small breeds is free of grains, ideal if your bichon frise is allergic to this ingredient.

2. Taste of the Wild: Appalachian Valley Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Alternative to Royal Canin Bichon Frise Food: Taste of the Wild Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley is packed with high-quality protein coming from venison, lamb, egg, duck, and fish. Similar to the previous alternative, it contains real meat and is made of up to 32% protein, enhancing bone and muscle health. This dog food is further enhanced with several fruits and vegetables to boost skin and hair health, including peas, beans, lentils, tomatoes, and raspberries.

One of the best features is the fact that it’s enriched with probiotics like Lactobacillus planetarium and Bacillus subtilis, among others. These probiotics boost your pup’s immune system and support digestive health.

3. Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Small Breed Dog Food

Alternative to Royal Canin Bichon Frise Food: Nature's Recipe Nature’s Recipe speaks for itself: it’s small breed dog food that contains natural ingredients and is grain-free. Whether you are concerned with your bichon having a gluten allergy or you simply don’t want such fillers in its diet, this is a great alternative to Royal Canin.

Some of the main ingredients include chicken, chicken meal, beans, and peas. There’s a minimum protein content of 25% and at least 15% fat – slightly less protein and more fat compared to Royal Canin’s dog food for bichon frises.

Other key ingredients include digestive-friendly pumpkin and sweet potatoes, which also come with antioxidants and an energy boost. Similar to other food alternatives above, this dog food does not contain artificial ingredients.


Overall, Royal Canin Bichon Frise adult dog food is one of the few options on the market specially created specifically for your bichon frise. It is rich in key ingredients that sustain its health and helps to avoid breed-specific illnesses, such as urinary tract illnesses and skin issues. Also, many dog owners trying this food claimed that their fussy pooches enjoyed every bite, especially if you add some water to it.

If you are still unsure which food is best, you can also check out our other alternatives. It’s always recommended to discuss with your vet before changing your pup’s diet, especially if it has any special needs or suffers from food allergies.

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