Bichon Blitz and Buzz: All You Need to Know

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Bichon Blitz and BuzzBichons frises are gorgeous, small, and friendly dogs that are incredibly intelligent, gentle, playful, and very sweet. They do not require masses of space, and look like little teddy bears, winning them a place in many family homes.

But bichon frises have some quirky personality traits that are often found to be endearing and funny – such as the Bichon Blitz.

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What Is a Bichon Blitz and Is It the Same as a Bichon Buzz?

A bichon blitz is a name commonly given to the random bursts of energy that the adorable small breed often get, causing them to dash around the house, garden, or wherever else they might be. The dogs will often do cycles or laps of an area, frequently jumping on and off of furniture in said space whilst doing so.

Many pet owners also report that when their bichon is blitzing, the dogs throw their toys in the air as they run. This behavior is very common in bichons frises, and it is very similar to what is affectionately referred to as “zoomies” in other dogs.

A bichon blitz is sometimes also referred to as a bichon buzz – the two terms are used interchangeably to describe the manic behaviors of the small white dogs.

Why and When Do Bichons Frises Blitz?

Blitzing, zoomies and buzzing are all colloquial names for what veterinarians and dog behaviorists know as Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAP.  Most dogs FRAP in some way, but some breeds are more known for it than others – like the bichon frise.

Blitzing is caused by a build-up of energy that your dog feels it needs to burn off. This is most often caused by extreme excitement and happiness. Alternatively, your dog might be blitzing due to a build-up of anxiety or stress, in an attempt to burn off any nervous energy they might be experiencing.

The most common triggers of FRAP in dogs include bathing, grooming, changes to routine, lack of exercise, lack of mental stimulation, visitors, snow, and lack of attention. These are all common causes in bichons frises, especially the lack of attention, mental stimulation, and exercise.

Bichons frises need regular exercise and stimulation to help them stay happy and healthy. Bichons are also prone to feeling lonely, and so may well blitz when you’re not there or when you come home from work.

If you have noticed that your bichon frise is blitzing more often, keep note of what triggers them in order to try to reduce the amount your pet is running wild. Often, owners find that their bichons frises are blitzing in the evenings – if this is the case, it is a sign that your bichon requires more activity as it has not burnt off all of its energy for the day.

Is It Dangerous for Your Bichon Frise If It Blitzes Too Much?

Blitzing is a completely normal behavior in bichons frises, unless your dog is particularly elderly or fragile, blitzing is generally a safe behavior. However, there are some precautions that you should take in order to keep them blitzing safely.

If your dog is running laps, make sure there is nothing breakable anywhere that they might run and that the floor is not slippy. It may also be beneficial to only let them zoom on the lead or in your home/yard. Blitzing elsewhere may result in them running somewhere dangerous.

What Can You Do to Calm Down a Blitzing Bichon?

The most important thing to do if you’re trying to calm down a blitzing bichon frise is to not run after them. If you begin to chase them, this will only excite them further. You can run the opposite way and call your bichon frise to move their blitz somewhere safer, or you can throw a toy to get them to move.

It is difficult, and relatively futile, to calm down a bichon mid-blitz. However, you can keep an eye on the triggers of their blitz and perhaps look into more stimulation, calming treats, and a better recall in order to reduce any safety risks of a blitz and reduce their frequency.

2 Bichon Blitz Videos

If you’re wondering what a bichon frise blitz looks like, here are two videos.

In the first one, a young bichon frise does laps of his lounge, including around his owner who watches bewilderedly.

In the second one, Snowball the bichon frise blitzes through the hallway, carrying and dropping his plush toy before picking it up and carrying on again.



Bichon blitzes are a cute quirk that can be really entertaining to watch, and as long as your bichon is safe whilst they blitz, it is not a behavior that needs urgently training away. Just make sure your bichon is blitzing happily, and let them go wild!

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