5 Best Collars for Bichon Frise

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Best Collars for Bichon FriseIf you already own a bichon frise or you plan to adopt one, a high-quality collar is a must. The wrong size or type may hurt your pup or even endanger its life. With so many options on the market, it may be difficult to choose the right one for your pup.

Below, we’ve selected the best collars for bichon frise based on several features to help you pick the right one for your pooch.

Top Pick: LupinePet Originals Collar

Best Collar for Bichon FriseThe LupinePet Originals Collar is a durable collar available in different patterns and collars. It is made of woven nylon which is flexible enough to avoid painful chafing and is virtually indestructible.

It has a fully adjustable fit with three widths and nine sizes. This is suitable for both a pure breed bichon frise and a hybrid bichon frise, since you can pick the right size based on your pup’s dimensions and adjust the size accordingly.

Things I Like About This Product: This product comes with a lifetime guarantee and there are many designs and models available.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: The collar may loosen over time, so you need to keep verifying it to make sure it doesn’t slip off the bichon’s head.

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Runner-Up: Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Spring Scent Dog Collar

Cutest Collar for Bichon FriseThe Blueberry Pet 7 collar is made of high-density polyester and is durable enough to last for years of use. It is available in different patterns and lively colors, and you can even customize it to add your dog’s name and your phone number.

The collar is comfortable and lightweight, and it is available in four different sizes. It is also made of environmentally-friendly plastic and comes in different designs.

Things I Like About This Product: It’s both durable and soft, and it is made of eco-friendly materials.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: All the available designs are very colorful, so they may not be suitable for owners that prefer more subtle designs.

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Budget-Friendly Option: Taglory Reflective Dog Collar

Best Budget-Friendly Collar for Bichon FriseIf you are on a tight budget, the Taglory Reflective Dog Collar may be exactly what you need. Taglory dog collar combines usefulness with sustainability without breaking the bank.

The dog collar is reflective, made of eco-friendly plastic, and has a safety lock that prevents opening by accident. There is neither a sewing joint nor a sharp edge that could hurt your pup. It is put together through heavy-duty stitching, which means that it’s long-lasting, too.

Since it is reflective, you can use it both during the day and at night. Although durable, the collar is comfortable thanks to its lightweight and soft-padded design.

Things I Like About This Product: It is convenient, easy to use, and quite durable.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: The sizing is inconsistent for this product, so you may need to double-check the dimensions before placing an order.

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Premium Option: Chede Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar

Best Premium Collar for Bichon FriseFor higher budgets, the Chede Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar is the perfect combination of quality, comfort, and ultimate style. This handmade collar is ideal for both adult dogs and puppies and is elegant and lightweight while sporting a unique style.

The collar is made of high-quality leather, has an adjustable design, and the buckle is made from high-quality zinc alloy.

Things I Like About This Product: Chede offers high-quality dog products that satisfy a wide range of needs and preferences.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: The buckle may be less resilient than expected for a premium collar.

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Best for Puppy: Max and Neo Dog Collar

Best Collar for Bichon Frise PuppyIf you have a bichon frise puppy, the Max and Neo Dog Collar may be ideal for your needs. It is sturdy but soft enough to protect the sensitive skin of a puppy. It has a metal D-ring and an easy loop for ID tags – which is a must to retrieve your dog in case your puppy runs away.

Also, it has a safety lock to prevent opening by mistake, but the lock is not included in the extra small size option. In addition to this, the collar is reflective, so it’s ideal both during daytime and nighttime walks.

Things I Like About This Product: The collar is durable and flexible and there are many sizes and designs available.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying This Product: The locking option is not included in the extra small size.

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Does Your Bichon Frise Need Both a Collar and a Harness?

For effective training, your dog should have both a collar and a harness. The harness is where you can attach the leash. The harness eliminates unnecessary strain on the neck and it’s very difficult to get out of, thus you will have improved control of your pup.

When your bichon frise plays or is in a safe, confined area, such as your garden, you should remove the collar and harness. This is because collars can get caught in fences or other items, hurting your dog. Similarly, the harness could catch on objects and entangle the pup’s playmate.

In case you don’t have one yet, make sure to check my selection of the best harnesses for bichon frise.

When Should You Put a Collar on Your Bichon Frise Puppy?

It’s an excellent idea to put the collar on your bichon frise puppy as soon as the puppy arrives home. It’s important to get your dog used to one as soon as possible, otherwise, it may not adapt to the collar.

Also, based on your local legislation, you may be required by law to put a collar with identification on your dog. However, some owners may want to either opt for an adjustable collar or first measure the pup before buying the collar to make sure it is the right size.

What Collar Size Should Your Bichon Frise Wear?

A bichon frise is a small breed, but the actual collar size may depend on whether it is a pup or an adult, and its specific size.

The best thing you can do is measure your pup’s neck. You should be able to fit two fingers between the measuring tape and the dog’s neck – otherwise, the collar may be too tight, hurting the pup. On very small dogs or puppies, the collar should be about one inch larger than the dog’s neck, or two inches larger on an adult dog.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Collar for Your Bichon Frise?

There are a few key features to consider when choosing a collar for your bichon frise. Some of the most important ones are discussed below.

1. Material

The materials used for the collar should not only be tough and durable, but also soft enough to avoid chaffing or hurting your pup when it moves. Most collars are made of nylon, which can be durable enough for your bichon frise.

However, any collar made of stretchy materials could be useful, too, especially as this small breed will not have enough strength to pull it apart. Some collars also come with a guarantee for quality, so you may want to pick one of these if your bichon frise has a passion for chewing things.

2. Reflectiveness

A reflective collar is a must if you go for a walk during the night.

They can also be used during the daytime, so you don’t need to buy two different collars.

3. Adjustability and Customizability

A good-quality collar should be both adjustable and customizable.

First, an adjustable collar may be used from puppyhood to adulthood, as you can keep expanding it as your puppy grows. If your bichon frise is a puppy now, getting an adjustable collar can save you money in the long run.

Second, a customizable collar means that you can write your contact details on it. This is a godsent if your worst nightmare becomes reality and your bichon gets lost.


All in all, for a great all-in-one collar, the LupinePet Original Dog Collar may be a great option if you need a combination of comfort, safety, and durability.

If your dog is a puppy, choosing an adjustable model will be the best to make the most out of your money, but make sure you measure your pup’s neck before choosing one to be on the safe side.